Why Does The Green Bay Packers Have Loyal Fans?

The Green Bay Packers are one of the best NFL teams in the USA today. Established in 1919, this team is known for its exceptional loyal fan base that perhaps no other NFL team has in the nation. The fans love the players and they are so devoted to this team in Wisconsin that their games have been booked since 1960. This means if you really wish to watch these iconic players in action you need your name to be placed on a waiting list that has over 86,000 names. Yes, the chances of you getting the opportunity of witnessing a live match is once in every 40 years. This is the sole reason why people are buying tickets for newborns and their next of kin to watch this spectacular team play live on the fields.

Keeping their bonds with their ardent fans

Sandy Petrocelli says that he is a fan of The Green Bay Packers and all the teams that are from Wisconsin. He keeps track of all their updates and news. He says that when it comes to the Green Bay Packers the team has a colorful history. They are popularly called Cheeseheads and whenever they play supporters wear special cheese head hats to support them. This was a name that the team received when it lost in a match to one of its rivals. However, the players of The Green Bay Packers sportingly took the name and when a player wore a cheesehead hat to one of the games, it became so popular that other fans asked for the same kind of hat to be worn at the matches where the Green Bay Packers played. These hats are very cute and they are bright orange in color.

Even young fans are looked after well by the team

Since fans of the team cannot see their players live in action because of the tickets being booked since 1960, it has come up with a unique and innovative idea in the form of bike rides to young fans during their summer training camp. Here young fans can request players of the team to take them from the changing rooms to the venue of practice. This is a unique gesture and fans are connected to the players even though they are unable to watch them live in action on the field. The players are happy to ride the bikes of their young fans and they say it helps them in a large way to connect with them!

Sandy Petrocelli says that the players of the game connect with their fans with another event called The Family Night. This event is held at The Lambeau Field and over 60K fans turn up on an average. The number of fans crossed the 60K mark when The Buffalo Bulls attended the intra-squad event in 2005. Fans went crazy and in 2008, the ESPN ranked the fan base of The Green Bay Packers the second best when it came to all the teams in the NFL base!