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Medical Literature And Awareness In The Healthcare Sector

The human body is a machine that does malfunction at times. Sometimes you ignore the warning signals that the human body emits and this in turn turns ugly. Many people are so busy that they always neglect their health. They fail to realize the importance of health and this is the reason why they fall sick. Medical literature helps people to become aware and educated on the different types of ailments and diseases that hits the body. This literature has the ability to make complex medical terms simple and understandable to the common man.

Writer of medical literature passionate about his work

Vijaya Boggala is a writer of medical literature based in the USA and he has been helping the healthcare industry with his invaluable experience and knowledge of diseases. Medical literature is essential for spreading awareness on healthcare in the USA. The patients should be aware of the difference between doctors and specialist doctors called internists to arrest complex and chronic diseases.

He says that medical literature also helps doctors get information about the latest technological breakthroughs in the healthcare industry. People who read medical literature for research or academic reasons are also highly benefitted. He loves writing medical abstracts and feels honored that he is able to spread healthcare and medical knowledge among people.


Making technical terms simple

He says medical literature removes confusion. Take for example the fact that people often confuse an internist with an intern. They are separate terms used in the field of medicine and both professionals are not the same. The internists are professionals or doctors that put in 10 to 15 years of rigorous research and academic training. They are often called the doctors of doctors for their extensive knowledge and scientific information.

A medical intern, on the other hand, is a professional who is training to become a doctor. He is still under the guidance of a senior doctor understanding the medical industry and patients.  An internist does not perform surgeries nor does he or she treat children or pregnant women. He or she will not deal with orthopedic issues either.

When it comes to internists they are considered to be the highest form of reference when the doctor is confused or in dilemma about a said medical condition in the patient. He says that the internist will not perform surgeries. His or her job is to delve deep into the history of the patient and diagnose the patient correctly.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala is a friendly and educated writer who loves writing medical abstracts and sharing information about the healthcare industry. He is also an avid photographer and loves to take photos of natural landscapes in his spare time. He is fond of painting and sports. Besides medical literature, he also writes about photography his hobby. He has a blog where he shares valuable tips on landscape photography and shares his experiences with photography equipment. His language is simple and his readers love reading his posts. He lives in the USA and has a four year old.

Know How Day Time Long Exposure Photography Provide Surreal Image to Objects

Generally, most of the photos that taken during the day are with short exposure. The reason being the presence of light in excessive amount during the day, and a long exposure might risk in unwanted motion blur or might even put the photographer at the risk of dreaded camera shake. With the right equipment, the daytime photography with long exposure can be really fun although, since it gives a really unique and surreal looking shot of the normal sceneries. But capturing the good photo with long exposure might get very tricky even during the night time. Hence experts who have been in this nature photography believe that it is worth understanding the secrets behind this tactile and very versatile technique.

While discussing it with Vijaya Prakash Boggala, he has got to say that daytime long exposures kind of go against all the possible things that is popularly known as photographers. During the daytime, as most of the photographers know requires short exposures which actually allow freezing the actions and allowing the shorter depth of field. So one can easily have the idea of the nature of picture that will be achieved with a five-minute exposure in broad daylight.

Precisely, the long exposures take the moving objects and the substances, making them misty and completely ethereal. Simple natural elements like water tend to be low-lying fog, and even clouds are found to lose their definition. Any kind of slow moving animal, human beings or even traffic take the quality of animated objects which otherwise is not possible to achieve in the still photos. As far as the fast moving objects are concerned, they almost go invisible within the frames.

The one and only enemy to the photographers while shooting long exposure ones is the light. In order to avoid the over exposure of the pictures, the photographers need to neutral density filter which has got certain specifications of its own. To get the desired result, it is essential that the photographer finds a six stop light reduction, and this is one piece of equipment that one cannot skimp on. Depending on what the photographer wants the final image to look like, he will need one that allows him to do a 1 to 5-minute exposure in broad daylight. If the filter chosen isn’t strong enough, there are high chances of going back to take long exposures in the old-fashioned way as it was earlier taken during the night.

Even Vijaya Boggala believes that the daytime exposure requires a little bit of mathematical calculation and a lot of experimentation. While most of the photographers are used to the through-the-lens metering system, which is not going to work through the dark neutral density filter. So one has to determine the exposure by metering without the filter and then head towards adjusting the shutter speed by the number of stops that the filter successfully blocks.

Having a picture-perfect snap is really a treat to watch, but the effort that needs to be put behind cannot be imagined by those who haven’t had the taste of it. It is no less and art form and devotion can only come up with the best shot.