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The Types of Signage That No Retailer Should Ignore

Signage is a great way of attracting customers and getting your business noticed, acting as silent but effective salespeople. However, poor signage can look unprofessional and confuse customers. To avoid this, effective signage should be specific yet simple, with a call to action which gives the sign a goal and purpose. With this in mind, the following five types of retail signage are vital considerations for stores.

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  1. Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is often perceived as most important, as it creates a first impression which attracts customers. According to the British Sign & Graphics Association, well-designed, well-placed signage can generate profits and attract customers and is particularly important in premises regularly visited by customers.

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  1. Informational Signage

Informational signage is a useful type of in-store media which helps customers navigate your space. Informational signage should, therefore, be concise, simple to read and bold for ease of visibility. Importantly, it can also help you to consider whether your store is efficiently arranged, encouraging a more organized internal structure.

  1. Persuasive Signage

Persuasive signage is used to influence customers’ behavior, using convincing language and attractive imagery to promote a product or service. Persuasive signs are an effective type of in-store media which can draw attention to new products and improve interactivity and customer flow to heighten product popularity and drive sales. Persuasive signage may also be digital, such as in-store media from Mood Media, including virtual displays and digital signage systems which allow versatile animations and even in-store music.

  1. Compliant Signage

Inclusivity is an important element of good signage, ensuring that customers with disabilities can have an enjoyable, comfortable experience. Whilst having accessible features is important, it is equally essential to make customers aware of them through good signage. Permanent signs indicating entrances/exits, bathrooms and elevators should include Braille, be mounted at specific heights and have tactile characters in contrasting colours with legible fonts.

  1. Mats

Believe it or not, mats can also be a form of signage whilst ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your business. Mats can be used for branding, way-finding or to promote a product. They also offer an ergonomic benefit for employees standing for long periods of time.

Keeping these five signage types in mind, you can use signage to your advantage and reap the benefits for your business.