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How is Lacrosse Beneficial for your Health?

How you ever thought how a game, a thing of fun, can be helpful in the maintenance of your health? It is possible. Every game whether indoor or outdoor has some health benefit attached to it. Though not a very popular sport globally, Lacrosse has a lot of popularity in North America. This is a field game in which two teams of ten players come in contact.

The experts of health have found out the various ways in which playing this game can be advantageous to a person’s health. it is no wonder that Alexander Cronstein, a Captain in the military with specialization in artillery, plays this game and enjoys himself, at the same time keeping up the fit body and mind that he honed so carefully at the military training.

  1. The foremost benefit got from Lacrosse is it helps to burn down considerable amounts of calories. The fact that this game requires a lot of running makes it quite apparent as to how the calories are shed. The dexterity of a player is also put to test when he/ she has to tackle and dodge, this aspect caters to the development of the mental health as well. It has been found a normal 160 lbs person sheds at least 553 calories per hour while playing this game.
  2. The neural connections of the body are strengthened to a great extent. The tactics and strategies that are planned out as well as learnt by the players help in the mental development due to the strengthening of the neural connections.
  3. There is an improvement in the agility and endurance of an individual playing this game. Since there is the involvement of dodging and running in this game, the agility of the player is taken care of and made to improve.

The Native Americans invented this game of Lacrosse since the 17th century. They considered this game to be a competitive physical activity as well as a spiritual tradition in which the “Creator” was honoured. Alex Cronstein is an active serviceman of the U.S. Marine Corps which is why he has to constantly remain in proper shape. There is complete discipline in his life as a civilian, which is an inherent quality of any officer or person of higher rank. It is thus that he finds the transition from the military life to that of a common civilian life quite easy.

  1. The cardiovascular endurance is enhanced by indulging in this native American game; because there is the need of a healthy heart and lungs while playing this game, the players make sure to be strong and so they practice a lot thereby becoming experts in the game.
  2. The process of socialization is also greatly initiated by playing this game. How to interact, react and co-ordinate with the other team members teaches one the skills of socialization very subtly yet effectively.
  3. Maintaining the rules of the game is what teaches its players the way to adhere to discipline.

This game seems to be a way to take care of the overall health of a person, it is thus always encouraged that everyone should get involved in some form of physically and mentally challenging game.