Little Part Inside That Does The Difference

It is always the inside part that change when it comes to technology. The outside part can remain our style, whether it comes from the pretty modern traditional or from the traditional at all. Stuffs of technology always remain the same item; cell phone or television or radio or washing machine or any other. Their name never changes yet they will never be the same like they used to be. Innovation comes and gets their skin upgraded to be a lot of prettier. Innovation comes also and get their inside part upgraded. This latest one is the most essential, far beyond the beauty of skin deep.

The inside part is what makes us enjoy television with lighter screen, smart phone that becomes even smarter with fast response, washing machine that almost resemble the practicality of smart phone and many others. If you are like many people, you may not know from where does that significant different comes. That is very okay. The ultimate way to enjoy technology is by just enjoying and using it, not by researching and examining what is inside. At least, that is not the job of everyone. Let it be just the specialization of some people that indeed are the people who have interests in it. As common people, we play our part by enjoying what they make and launch.

Yet, if we ever would like to answer our own curiosity, we at least can have one single and very simple answer for it; to how great stuffs work and what makes it different from one to another. We can have the answer as the microchip, and yes it is as simple as that. From this small thing come great work and all the great thing it does for all stuffs of technology we might enjoy.

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