Forum Marketing-how To Build A Good Forum Relationship

Forum marketing is a very popular way affiliates promote their websites or blogs. Promoting on forums can be a great way to drive free traffic to your site, so you can introduce your product to interested people. Before you start promoting on a forum, you need to know how to go about it. Building a good relationship with a forum community is essential. So, if you are thinking of using forums as a source to promote your website, make sure you know how to go about it and get started.

Forums are a community of sorts. Think of them as your neighborhood and the people on them are your neighbors. A forum is a gathering place where people come together to discuss certain topics of interest. There is most likely a forum out there for every niche possible. You can use these forums to get information, ask questions, make new friends, and of course promote yourself. You don’t want to sign up at a forum site and just start promoting. There are certain unwritten rules that you should follow when you join a forum.

Like I said earlier, a forum is a community. The people who belong to them are a network. They know one another and are trusting of each other. So, it would not be a good idea to just join the forum and start bombarding it with your links for promotion.

3 Steps for Establishing Yourself in a Forum Community

1. Register and Look Around

Once you have found a forum geared toward your specific niche. Go ahead and register an account for yourself. Then, you should set up your personal profile. You should take a few days to look around the forum before you start posting. Get a feel for the forum. Browse the posts, learn about some of the other members, and get yourself familiar with the written rules.

2. Start Posting (Slow and Easy)

You can go ahead and start posting after you have seen how your particular forum operates. But, don’t over do it with posts. You don’t want to be seen as a spammer. Spammers bombard forums with irrelevant posts, so that they will get link exposure. You want people to take you seriously, so again, don’t over do it!

3. Build a Respectful Reputation

Since you have started posting on your chosen forum. You want to continue to post good and relevant posts. Don’t expect people to automatically think you are an expert, show them. Help people with their questions and answer them as thoroughly and as best you can. You will get more clicks on your link, as you gain respect in your forum community.

Creating relevant and valuable posts to your forum is nessesary. You should not post a bunch of “I Agrees!” Don’t expect to establish a good reputation doing that. You need to provide valuable information to your forum.

There are several different ways to post on your forum. First, and foremost. You should post an introduction. Introducing yourself to your forum community. Also, when there are other new people who have joined the forum, you can post to their introduction and welcome them.

When posting questions, don’t ask questions that you can easily find answers to on a search engine. You should post thoughtful questions. When answering questions on your forum, give as much information as you can. Don’t post uninformative answers, as they are not going to be very helpful. When someone else has already posted a good informative answer to someones question, you can always comment on their answer and add valuable insight. Once again, you should not just post “I Agree!”

Once you have spent a few days or even weeks establishing yourself in your forum community, as a valuable, trusting member. You should be able to start dropping your signature link at the end of your posts. All forums are different when it comes to posting a signature link. Some, let you include a link immediately. Some, will require you to post a certain number of messages first. Then there are ones that require you to be an active member for a specific period of time. Make sure you read all the forum rules, so you know when to start adding your signature link.

Building good relationships and establishing a good reputation in your forum community first is KEY! Getting clicks on your link will follow. So go get started.