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Top Five Businesses That Suffer From Theft

Retail Stores

Topping the list of major industries that suffer from theft are the various retail stores, with most of the thefts occurring in clothing stores. Grocery stores are also the target of thefts, but overall the total cost incurred due to loss prevention at the supermarket pales in comparison to the retail industry. Inside the mall, most small stores are fairly well protected because professional thieves are less likely to steal when there is no easy avenue to get away. However, the anchor department stores and the small shops close to major entrances are frequently targeted by shoplifters who employ the “snatch and grab” method. Others will simply go into a dressing room, remove the tags from the desired items and either wear them out of the store or place them inside a decoy bag.

Liquor and Convenience Stores

These locations probably have the greatest need for an agency like Unified Protective Services, as a large percentage of the most dangerous robberies in the country occur in liquor stores. Despite the precautions taken by store owners, assaults and robberies continue to increase each year. Bulletproof glass and steel cages protect many employees form potential robbers, but the merchandise is often stolen by customers who cannot or will not pay for their snacks and other bad habits. Because of their location, mostly on the corners of busy intersections where robbers can easily get away, convenience stores lend themselves to robberies.


Restaurants and fast food dining establishments made the list and for a surprising reason. Thefts occurring here are actually happening threefold. First, employees can steal from the register, from the food supply and even directly from the customers. Scanning credit cards in order to retrieve the pertinent information is becoming a common event in many unlikely places. Restaurants are the easiest place to run this scam, because it is not unusual for the server to take the card to an alternate location to process a transaction. Finally, customers can steal from restaurants in a few different ways. They can falsely claim to have found something unpleasant in their food and have the item removed from the check. They can receive kickbacks, or free food from friends or family members who work there. Unscrupulous customers can even steal from the buffet lines by storing food to take home for later.

Utility Companies

This may seem like a bit of an unusual company to be the target of theft, it is actually quite common and becoming more prevalent as apartment homes are increasing and unemployment continues to rise. Cable companies, gas and electrical providers and even some phone companies and internet providers are seeing the effects of thievery on their bottom lines. In these cases, a lack of a security services provider isn’t the issue. Customers can steal passwords for an adjacent customer’s wi-fi service and use the internet connection or on-demand and other movie features for free. Some of this requires a bit of knowledge about hacking, but anyone can hook up a cable that was still active from the past tenant and plug it into their own televisions to enjoy free cable. Providers are currently looking for ways to stifle this completely, but so far are only scratching the surface.

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Not every financial instrument has stop losses and even fewer have take profits but binary options platforms of the highest level do in fact provide access to them. The way they work is by quoting the trader a price to get out of the trade. This is usually called a buy me out feature because what it invariably means is that a trader is capable of choosing a time and price to get out of a trade.

The interesting aspect of it is that the trader can choose to get out early of a binary options trade whether while profiting or losing. That’s why this is a completely integral part of trading today. By providing such a feature, a trader is able to exit a trade going in the right direction. The reason to do this is part of more advanced risk management. The simple explanation of this is that even though a trade looks to be going in the right direction and is heading for a profit, it might turn against you at any moment. This can happen when the expiry is nearing but your position is profitable but by a very fragile margin. As you near the expiry of the trade, the profitable trade can turn into a tie or worse yet into a loss. So if you were expecting a profit of 85% on a EUR/USD, the trade can shift gears and turn into a loss in a matter of seconds. When there’s such a possibility exists, a trader can use the Buy Me Out feature and as a result the trader can lock in at least a portion of the profit. The trader, by locking in the profit now, will at least be able to fight another day and take some cash now. The alternative is to let it ride and hope for the best. But our motto is; better profit in my pocket and not a loss.

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Follow These Tips To Get Your Finances Where You Want Them To Be

Have you been looking for ? then we can help.

Whether you’re trying to get out from under a mountain of debt or want to learn how to save more, financial management can help you. Read on to learn some simple tips and tricks that you can use to improve your financial situation and begin saving more of each paycheck.

When it comes to your personal finances, you should always practice patience. Many people buy just-released electronic devices without thinking about the cost. But if you exercise a bit of patience, you will most likely see a substantial price decrease on these same items. Money you save by forgoing cutting-edge technology can be profitably employed elsewhere.

Trade in your gas guzzler for an economical, high miles per gallon car. If you drive a truck or SUV that gets bad gas mileage, you may be able to cover the monthly payments for a new car with your gas savings. Calculate what you spend on gas now with what you would spend in a car that gets 30mpg or higher. The savings might shock you.

Replace older incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency CFL bulbs. Replacing your bulbs will cost more initially, but you will see greater savings in the long run and do your part to help the environment. CFL bulbs also have the advantage of longer life than traditional bulbs. You will end up purchasing fewer bulbs and therefore saving money.

Save money on your cell phone plan by choosing the right options. A contract-free plan requires you to buy your phone up front, but you’ll save on monthly costs. If you want your phone at a discount, you’ll likely be locked into a plan for a couple of years. A contract option can also make more sense if you want to add other people on a family plan.

To reduce credit card debt completely avoid eating out for three months and apply the extra cash to your debt. This includes fast food and morning coffee runs. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by taking a packed lunch to work with you everyday.

Study your losses and learn from them. Many people like to ignore their losses and move on, but investigating them helps you to avoid making the same mistakes again. And after all, these mistakes cost you money; consider them a mini-course in what not to do and then you move on.

Whenever possible, pay with cash. Carrying cash is a tangible reminder of how much or little money you have remaining, to meet your upcoming needs and expenses. Unlike debit and credit cards, cash is accepted practically everywhere and is perpetually free of annoying surcharges, fees and confusing fine print.

Splurge every now and then. No one likes the feeling of deprivation, and if you know that you have the freedom to have one big meal or one pair of shoes every now and then, you will have a feeling of mastery over your finances. Don’t overdo it, but a small luxury purchase periodically is worth it.

Save a little money every day. This can be as simple as skipping your morning drink. A frappuccino can cost $4; that’s a small indulgence, right? Pocket change? Well, that $4 on your way to work every day costs you over a thousand dollars a year. That could buy you a great vacation.

Investing in the stock market can be a great way to watch your money grow. The higher the risk you take when investing, the higher the payoff usually is. It can be very emotional to watch the ebb and flow of your invested money, so make sure to do plenty of research on the risk, as well as, the reward that comes with investing in stocks.

When you are shopping for decorations for the holiday seasons it is always best to wait to buy them after the holiday. The retail stores always put them on sale the day after at insane savings. Sometimes you can save up to 90 percent on holiday items if you just wait!

Keep track of your finances and save receipts for two months. This will help you determine where your hard earned money goes and where you can start cutting expenses. You will be surprised at what you spend and where you can save money. Use this tool to build a budget.

Start planning your retirement early. Take advantage of everything your employer offers in terms of pension contributions, and invest as much as possible in an IRA. Don’t underestimate the cost of retirement: most people need 70 percent of their current income to live comfortably, and Social Security only covers about 30 percent.

Make sure that you keep track of everything you spend, even the coffee or snacks that you purchase. The little expenditures can add up to big spending. By tracking these expenses, you can see where your money is going, and you will probably be surprised at how much you are spending on something that you can probably give up.

A good personal finance tip – that can help you save money – is to purchase groceries, so that you can cook more meals at home. Eating out can get expensive, especially when you do it a lot. Cooking meals at home, instead of eating out, can save you a ton of money!

Saving more isn’t just a matter of willpower, as you can see. You have to take the time to look at your finances and decide which changes you want to make. Now that you’ve read this article, you should have a better idea of which changes you should make first, in order to improve your financial situation.

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