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Knowledge Management Strategy Beyond Change Management

manageKnowledge Management (KM) is a relatively young concept, having been introduced less than 30 years ago. For many business management practitioners, KM is evolving into a proven strategy for their organizational success. But there are still many leaders out there that are struggling to understand the power of KM.

In order to clarify this ongoing struggle, it’s important to define what KM means in today’s business setting. An extremely important question is: What is Knowledge Management and how can it help my organization?

There are many definitions for knowledge management, including Wikipedia’s that states KM comprises of a range of practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences. I’m partial to a definition I found in a thesis paper written by Dr. Michael Kull that simply defines KM as a business model for which companies can move from an industrial age of running a business into the information age. I don’t know which one of Dr Kull’s interviewees stated this definition, but for me, it sums up my feelings on how KM is changing the way businesses ought to be run today and into the future.

KM is a relatively new model and has only been around since the mid 1980s. There have been may pioneers who have written and spoken about KM, and Peter Drucker,a business management expert and author, has been on of the most influential and prolific thinkers about the KM movement.

The pioneers describe KM as having three phases from its inception. The approximate phase dates reflect the first phase occurring from 1985 to 1994. This phase was centered on collaboration and information sharing. The second phase, from 1994 to 2002, centered on information management and software advancements. The third phase, from 2002 to the present, centers knowledge innovation and the management of intellectual capital and intellectual assets as the primary business strategy.

Phase three will continue to impact how leaders conduct business processes such as customer management, marketing management, information management and performance management. For example, with the advancement of Web 2.0 technologies, workers are able to communicate and share in multiple formats like the popular social media sites or in company blogs, wikis or private web portals known as intranets.

The KM movement is shifting from the old school process of team meetings and water cooler discussions to the online world of instant messaging, emails, twitter (a micro blogging platform), Facebook and online virtual meetings. It is a larger model than just implementing change management initiatives seen during the total quality movement and six sigma days.

As workers and business processes continue to evolve with these technology enablers,leaders are being challenged to re-tool how they lead knowledge workers. The old management process of building organization charts in a hierarchy fashion is being enveloped by empowered workers who don’t want to be controlled, but rather allowed to be innovative and creative to build customer value. The 20th century business leadership curriculum is in conflict with how 21st century workers expect to be lead. KM is at the heart of this leadership evolution being witnessed today. KM as a management strategy is definitely gaining traction and is here to stay.

Importance Of It In Business

These days IT is crucial to the majority of businesses. Almost all companies use IT to some extent, making it important for employees to have proficient knowledge in the area. It is not longer just IT jobs where staff need a good knowledge of IT. Almost all office based jobs are now almost entirely based around computers and IT.

Having good IT skills gives you a major advantage over those who do not. Even if a role is not an IT job per se, IT knowledge may give you an advantage over other candidates and help you once you are employed. Employees are expected to know the basics of IT in most jobs and there is an assumption that you are able to perform basic computer related tasks. Email is often the main mode of communication, while employees are also expected to be able to write documents and use spreadsheets. In most cases the Internet is the main research method, so being confident using Google, for example, can be a must.

Most admin tasks in any business are now performed through the use of IT and for the large part the traditional numerous filing cabinets are gone. Accounting is usually done with spreadsheets, so accounting staff also need knowledge of IT. Even those working in shops and restaurant will use IT is certain ways, such as the tills. Anyone working in management in any job will need to be able to use computers to either a small or large extend, depending on the nature of their particular job.

With IT playing such an important role in business today, good IT training, either in education or once in employment, can make an important difference. IT is there to make life easier, but if you do not have the necessary confidence it can turn into a nightmare. Staff need to understand the processes they are using, and this requires sufficient training.

IT can be complex, especially in businesses that use it to a large degree, and as with all technologies there will be things that go wrong. Therefore support staff who can solve any issues are useful. Some companies will have a person, or even a whole team of people, whose sole job it is to run and maintain the IT systems and networks. IT is there to help, not hider, but if things are not managed properly it can cause a whole host of problems. The IT department and processes need to be managed for IT to have the best possible impact on a business. Things need to be in place so the business can make the most of the advantages IT offers.

Some will use some kind of IT methodology to keep their IT management on track. The most widely used methodology is ITIL, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a set of concept and policies for managing the IT within a business. Essentially it is the IT best practice.

Andrew Marshall

Forum Marketing-how To Build A Good Forum Relationship

Forum marketing is a very popular way affiliates promote their websites or blogs. Promoting on forums can be a great way to drive free traffic to your site, so you can introduce your product to interested people. Before you start promoting on a forum, you need to know how to go about it. Building a good relationship with a forum community is essential. So, if you are thinking of using forums as a source to promote your website, make sure you know how to go about it and get started.

Forums are a community of sorts. Think of them as your neighborhood and the people on them are your neighbors. A forum is a gathering place where people come together to discuss certain topics of interest. There is most likely a forum out there for every niche possible. You can use these forums to get information, ask questions, make new friends, and of course promote yourself. You don’t want to sign up at a forum site and just start promoting. There are certain unwritten rules that you should follow when you join a forum.

Like I said earlier, a forum is a community. The people who belong to them are a network. They know one another and are trusting of each other. So, it would not be a good idea to just join the forum and start bombarding it with your links for promotion.

3 Steps for Establishing Yourself in a Forum Community

1. Register and Look Around

Once you have found a forum geared toward your specific niche. Go ahead and register an account for yourself. Then, you should set up your personal profile. You should take a few days to look around the forum before you start posting. Get a feel for the forum. Browse the posts, learn about some of the other members, and get yourself familiar with the written rules.

2. Start Posting (Slow and Easy)

You can go ahead and start posting after you have seen how your particular forum operates. But, don’t over do it with posts. You don’t want to be seen as a spammer. Spammers bombard forums with irrelevant posts, so that they will get link exposure. You want people to take you seriously, so again, don’t over do it!

3. Build a Respectful Reputation

Since you have started posting on your chosen forum. You want to continue to post good and relevant posts. Don’t expect people to automatically think you are an expert, show them. Help people with their questions and answer them as thoroughly and as best you can. You will get more clicks on your link, as you gain respect in your forum community.

Creating relevant and valuable posts to your forum is nessesary. You should not post a bunch of “I Agrees!” Don’t expect to establish a good reputation doing that. You need to provide valuable information to your forum.

There are several different ways to post on your forum. First, and foremost. You should post an introduction. Introducing yourself to your forum community. Also, when there are other new people who have joined the forum, you can post to their introduction and welcome them.

When posting questions, don’t ask questions that you can easily find answers to on a search engine. You should post thoughtful questions. When answering questions on your forum, give as much information as you can. Don’t post uninformative answers, as they are not going to be very helpful. When someone else has already posted a good informative answer to someones question, you can always comment on their answer and add valuable insight. Once again, you should not just post “I Agree!”

Once you have spent a few days or even weeks establishing yourself in your forum community, as a valuable, trusting member. You should be able to start dropping your signature link at the end of your posts. All forums are different when it comes to posting a signature link. Some, let you include a link immediately. Some, will require you to post a certain number of messages first. Then there are ones that require you to be an active member for a specific period of time. Make sure you read all the forum rules, so you know when to start adding your signature link.

Building good relationships and establishing a good reputation in your forum community first is KEY! Getting clicks on your link will follow. So go get started.

How To Decide Business

decbusiThe key reason why some firms thrive while others implode through an economic recession remains a puzzle to many business-owning entrepreneurs. Some incorrectly assume that all businesses must suffer by recessionary series. But the truth is that some companies tend to be essentially recession-proof, and it is not necessarily because they are much larger, better known, or additional generously capitalized. What truly separates this successful enterprises from those that Collapse in the course of down pays out is quite possibly organized about a uniquely dynamic in addition to healthier approach to business.

Here are some ideas for creating a company which will greet any recession efficiently:

Set, measure, and consistently monitor catalog targets, product sales goals, as well as revenues. But help make profit – net benefit – the principle overriding focus.

Rather when compared with simply shooting at nighttime, those who have the correct tools can purchase targets in addition to hit these. When profits begin to drift downhill, they can certainly realign their particular focus to hone in on them in a more specific and accurate manner and obtain back on track to earning. Those who usually do not respond proactively to be able to changes are at an increased risk for not only wasting time and funds, but in addition losing their valuable buyer base and overall company integrity and congruency.

That Critical Distinction between Result and Response

Coaches often consider the should remain quiet and mindful under discomfort, so that instead of simply reacting in the random as well as haphazard fashion you can respond with more levelheaded as well as effective actions. If you’ve adequately educated and completely practiced to meet a set of challenges, responding to be able to adverse conditions is often relatively easy and flourishing. But responding to situations you are not prepared intended for or helpful to can frequently lead to knee-jerk actions which might be neither thoughtfully conceived nor efficiently executed.

This Four M’s connected with Profit

Perhaps a brilliant business strategist such as John Chapman will fail not having profit, and keeping profits by carrying out a recession is essential. But adherence towards “Four M’s connected with Profit” may also help guarantee success even if times are usually tough.

They are as practices:


Intelligent managers realize how to systemize regime procedures to streamline these, while humanizing that exceptions. Which means that, such as, while customer service systems needs to be consistent as well as follow written guidelines and rules, customer service depends upon well-trained humans to spontaneously solve the issues that are usually unexpected or intriguing. They do so by understanding that core values from the company and internalizing those to beneficially represent the company under all circumstances.


Strategies for dealing with money could make or crack profitability. A booming approach in order to managing money will contain several major components. Those include things like auditing expenses and setting budgets which are understood and followed by everyone in the business. Following, margins ought to be increased – even though only progressively – to be able to fatten profits.

Marketing Strategies

Instead of just shopping for the burger, by way of example, the buyer also will buy fries and a soft drink to travel with the item. “Down-selling” successful when an individual might if not not purchase anything. Accommodate its budgetary requirements and create a customer for all his life, rather than wanting to sell them what they will can’t pay for and losing them to a competitor.


Cash is King in a Recession

Nevertheless it was capable of make that strategic acquisition because it had cash around to expend and make investments while alternative banks were struggling not to lose operating capital. To obtain low and sell excessive requires purchasing and acquiring when are offering and unloading, and businesses which are recession-proofed are capable of doing so in addition to emerge via an downturn in the economy even additional energized and poised intended for profitability.

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